Ultimate Frisbee Update

Frisbee Team

Mackinney Supola, Sports Writer
April 17th, 2016

This year Pisgah has something new and unusual, an ultimate frisbee team. There are around eighteen players, made up of guys and girls. The team is not connected to Pisgah as a normal sports team so we don’t have the name or uniforms of Pisgah High School. We are known as the Blue Ridge Nuggets. The name came from our college volunteer, Hannah Rabideau. She plays ultimate frisbee on Westerns team and comes to as many practices as she can. She is also the older sister of the player Tessa Rabideau. Holly Bradley was quoted as saying “I really like playing Ultimate, it’s a fun way to get some exercise and meet new people!”.
We are competing in a high school league called Asheville Youth Ultimate. There are going to be a total of eight games and an ending weekend tournament. So far we have competed in three games, we lost the first two but won the third. The way high school ultimate works is there are seven players on either side, made up of guys and girls. There are two end zones that allow the teams to score. The first team that score fifteen times wins. Or until the game has continued for one-hundred and ten minutes. The first two games we played were very close with scores of 13-15 and 12-15. The high schools in our league are Owen, AC Reynolds, ACA, Asheville high school, North Buncombe, and a home school team. Our coach is a Pisgah Alumni and volunteer, Ryan Kastle. He has been helping the two captains Levi Sharpe and Mackinney Supola throughout games and practice. Ultimate frisbee is a fun based sport though we play to win. The season will come to an end on May 28th in our ending tournament.

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