Haywood County Student Art Showcase

Hannah Ensley, Editor
May 20, 2016
Student Life

Pablo Picasso once said, “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. At the Haywood County Schools Student Art Showcase, students were given the chance to share not only their art with the public, but what that art means to them. Art has always been seen as a form of self expression, and discovering one’s sense of self is one of the major trials of adolescence. I believe that allowing and encouraging students to make art is something that benefits both the student and the community. Various creations could be seen at the showcase, many by our own Pisgah students! Those pieces are now featured here in the library.

On my visit, I was surprised at how many names I recognized, but I had no idea just how talented all these people were. I had seen some of the art in the halls too, but I hadn’t realized who had made them. It really goes to show how even though you may know someone, everyone is full of surprises. With everything from paintings to sketches to dresses to coffee mugs, there was no shortage of talent here. So, I strongly encourage going to take a look if you haven’t. It might awaken a new passion in you, or you might discover a talent you never knew someone had. Either way, art is something we should all take time to appreciate. I think it makes our days a little brighter.

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