Fields of Faith

Fields of Faith

Kaitlyn Boyd


The annual Fields of Faith gathering was held at Pisgah’s auditorium on Wednesday, October 5th. Students from rivalry schools Pisgah and Tuscola, along with friends, family, and church members, gathered to worship and share testimonies of their faith. Pisgah’s own Josey Ward and Cody Lovelace shared their personal testimonies with the full auditorium. Prayers were given by Sawyer Valentine and Cody Lovelace, and scripture was read by Caylee Franklin. In the middle of the service, students helping with the event, like Michael Parrot and Bryce Ledford, held up signs admitting what they struggle with most, then turned them over to reveal how they have overcome their trial. Hayden Swanger, Tuscola senior and coordinator of the night’s events, led the worship service. When speaking to Swanger, concluding the night’s events, I asked him what inspired him to do the very bold thing he did that night. He answered saying, “Everyone wants to leave their mark in high school, whether it be sports or academics, this is what I can leave behind.” Although the rivalry remains strong today, while gathering at Fields of Faith all the students came together peacefully to support each other. An event of the same kind will be held in the next few months; further announcements will follow.  

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