Main Street Bakery Plans to Show School Artwork

Our Daily Bread Bakery

November 17th, 2016
Elias Hicks
Local News

“Our Daily Bread” is a bakery whose doors first opened to the public just recently on November 10th. The owner, Scott Thompson, is a kind man who used to live in Bryson City. He believes in making everything in the store by hand– something he says has been dying out in recent years. One thing he plans on doing after the holidays is to start displaying some of Pisgah High School’s artwork along the walls of the store, allowing the community to see some of the school’s great artwork that they may have not had a chance to see otherwise. The interior of the bakery has a very rustic feel to it, with antique pots, pans and containers decorating the large, wall-sized windows, as well as an old piano tucked in one of the corners. You can see a painting of the mountains along one of the walls, and near the door are some old baking-related advertisements.
If you’d like to visit “Our Daily Bread,” it’s located on 2 Church Street right off of Main Street. Mr. Thompson noted that he’s excited to be where he is, and wants to be closely involved with the community.

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