La La Land (2016)

My rating: 8.5/10 bear paws

This past weekend I had the privilege to see La La Land with a few of my friends and I came out of the theater understanding why it won seven Golden Globes. I would have given this movie a perfect rating if it weren’t for one detail that I will not reveal for the sake of no spoilers!

La La Land is a song and dance filled movie about an unexpected romance. Mia (Emma Stone) who is an actress who wants to be known in Hollywood, meets Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who is a jazz pianist who wants to open a club to ensure that jazz doesn’t vanish from the world. They find a romance in each other that is so intriguing that you want to root for them to work out.

Mia and Sebastian’s journey together is showcased in series of dream sequences and bright colorful sets that keep you from taking your eyes off the screen. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s ability to have such amazing chemistry on-screen shows how great the two actors are. All aspects of this movie are crisp and something new that I would highly encourage anyone I know to see La La Land.

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