Softball Playoffs

The Pisgah High School softball team has been the talk of the town. After an overall conference season of 13­1 (which is 13 wins and 1 loss), the team went readily into the playoffs. The excitement was obvious in each player, especially Jordan Taylor, who was a sophomore that had played on the varsity all year long. “It feels great to be in the playoffs, I just hope that we win and we go far,” Taylor said, “I expect the game to come to us hitting and coming out and wanting to win.” The team definitely did come out to win when they played Freedom High th School on May 10 . At the end of the game the scoreboard showed a whopping 10­0 score, and the bears racked up their first win in the playoffs. This first big win was not the end though, because now they were on their way to the second round. th On May the 17 the Bears returned to their field to face another team, Sun Valley High School. This game did not go the same way the first game had. The Bears came out ready to th win, but couldn’t get a hit past the Sun Valley players. In the 4 inning the Bears had only th scored two runs and they were itching to increase their lead. That lead did increase in the 5 inning when the team came out, bats blazing, and scored three more runs to end the game with a 6­0 win. th The most recent game for the Lady Bears was on Friday, May 20 . West Iredell was the new opponent and they were a force to be reckoned with. The Warriors had been the highest seed the Lady Bears had faced. Emotions were high when the game started, but both teams came to win. When it started to rain in the first inning it did not stop the game, both teams were in the zone and would not let a little rain stop them. By the fourth inning, the rain had not stopped and the field had to be covered up. The score was 4­2 with the Lady Warriors in the lead. After the rain stopped the field was uncovered and the game began again. The Lady th Bears could not get the lead though. At the end of the 7 inning West Iredell had gained six more runs, while Pisgah had not scored any more, making the end outcome a 10­2 loss for the Lady Bears. “Improvements were shown all over,” said Loren Cook, “we learned how to work as a team. We started to trust each other, realizing that it’s a whole team effort. It’s not about how well YOU play as an individual, it’s how well the team as a whole plays.” The Pisgah softball team and not made it to the fourth round since the had won the championship years before, and were happy that they had made it as far as they did. Megan Rathbone

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