VolleyBuff Game

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Mackinney Supola
May 24, 2016

The annual Volleyball game between juniors and seniors boys went down Monday May the 23rd. There was a lot of money raised for the girls volleyball team when a five dollar entrance fee was taken up from the viewers. It was a close and intense game that went on for almost two hours. The juniors delivered spike after spike while the seniors had some good blocks as well. Dakota Hyde and Conner Hogan showed their enthusiasm through multiple temporary tattoos and creative clothing choices. A quote from Conner Hogan is “At Least we looked cool. Kinda.” It will interesting to see if the class of 2017 will be able to pull off another win in their senior year. Many students attended the game and sat in the student section to show their support. Senior Emily Hopkins was watching the entire game with her handmade poster to support boyfriend, on the senior team, Kade Rogers. Though the junior guys worked hard to win, some of the credit must be given to the junior volleyball players that coached and encouraged the guys.

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