Ryan Worley Takes On State Honors Chorus

November 10, 2016
Javan DeLozier
Student Life

Pisgah High School sends a student to the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem to perform in the North Carolina State Honors Chorus.
9th grader, Ryan Worley, earned the right to participate in the State Honors Chorus by passing a harsh audition in October. Out of 1,200 who auditioned, only 178 were accepted and offered a place in the choir. He was 1 of 7 freshmen that made it into the choir.
“The audition process was all of 15 minutes, it was pretty stress free,” Worley said. The students that auditioned had to perform a practiced piece of music as well as well as a series of notes they had never seen before, that they had to sing to the judges in the right pitch and rhythm. The students were judged on Tone Quality, Diction, Knowledge of Notes, Technique, Interpretation, and Sight Reading.
“My favorite part of honors chorus was getting to work and learn from our director Randall Stroope,” Worley said. “He helped me sound a lot better with things like how to sit with your chest high and raising my soft pallet.”
Worley is a part of Bach to Broadway, Pisgah Marching Band, and Voices in the Laurel. Not only will he add State Honors Chorus to his list, Ryan auditioned for and was chosen as a member of the Mars Hill University Choir. Ryan also got a scholarship of $20,000 to Wingate University.

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